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2020 Nissan 370Z Nismo review

Words by Nathan Irvine

Quick fix

Having recently had the pleasure of recently test driving tech-packed vehicles like the 2021 Mercedes-Benz AMG GLB 35 and the 2021 Ford F-150, squeezing behind the steering wheel of the impossibly low Nissan 370z Nismo is left me underwhelmed. Instead of glistening HD screens and countless gadgets to play with there’s well, very little to be wowed by.

This is the last ever Nissan 370z to roll down the production line before it’s replaced with the more succinct Nissan Z in 2023. With this in mind, I expected a bit of a fanfare with the design. This felt like merely a whimper. However, Nissan still manage to bring the curtain down on the 370Z in dramatic fashion.

Supplied Ready to roll



3.7l V6


350 bhp

0-100 kmh

5 seconds

Top Speed

249 kmh (limited)


From AED 184,500

Loud and proud

You see, the greatness of the 370z Nismo isn’t about sitting and staring around the dated dashboard – it’s about getting that pure driving experience. It’s a race car. Or more apt, a go-kart with a jet engine attached. The V6 pumps out 350 bhp that powers this pocket rocket to lightspeed – or 249 kmh – in barely no time at all. It lets out an incredibly satisfying and unique engine roar as you plant your foot to the floor. It’s an addictive quality and one that you won’t be able to get enough of.

That go-kart example is well suited to the handling. It’s no wonder the 370z is one of the world’s finest drift cars because the control through the steering wheel allows for agile movements without the fear of sliding off the road/track. It makes the mundane action of weaving through traffic feel exciting too.

You will ultimately disregard the lack of ICE as soon as you hit the gas pedal. In this day and age where everything has to have countless bells and whistles, it’s refreshing to get behind the wheel of a vehicle that delights with the sense of pure pleasure you get from simply driving it. The 2020 Nissan 370z Nismo went from underwhelming, to my favourite car of the year quicker than you can say “gadgets”. Roll on the Nissan Z.

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