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The 20 most annoying things that people do in the gym

Words by Michael Smith and Dominic Renowden

Workout-ruining habits

The folks at EDGAR like a gym session: lift some weights, bang out a few squats, bit of cardio, a refreshing shower, and then off we trot to the office to create some media magic. But some days our workouts don’t go to plan. Why? People. Annoying, rude, anti-social people who put the dumb in dumbbell. Here’s a list of the most irritating habits of our fellow gym members.

1. People making animalistic grunting noises when exerting themselves

2. Not wiping sweat off equipment after dripping all over it

3. Not putting weights back on the rack

4. Using the squat rack – but not for doing squats

5. People hoarding pieces of equipment to create their own mini-gym

Tidy your weights away, people

6. Talking and socialising with mates. This is a gym, not a cafe

7. Being asked, “How many sets are you doing? Are you finished?” during a move

8. Training barefoot. We do not want your fungus, thanks

9. Taking selfies and not actually training

10. Leaving their gym bag on the floor near equipment

11. Doing super sets during a busy time in the gym

Mate, stop admiring yourself

12. Group classes playing music that’s so loud it bleeds into the gym

13. Men wearing no tops while training

14. Dropping weights on the floor – CLANG!

15. People adoring themselves in the mirror while lifting weights

16. Body odour

Hoarding equipment bugs gym-goers

17. Know-it-all personal trainers offering unprompted advice

18. Personal trainers talking on the phone when training a client

19. Being asked to take a photo of someone doing a workout

20. People lifting their shirt to admire their abs

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