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10 wardrobe essentials for men - 2020

Words by Nathan Irvine

Every man should have these items ready to go.

There are certain things that a gentleman should have in his wardrobe. These items are the essential building blocks to build new and unique outfits without too much fuss.

What's interesting is that even though fashion trends come and go, the following collection never go out of style. So grab these staples today and never worry about your outfit ever again.



White T-shirt

A classic white round neck tee can be worn with just about anything. Suits, jeans, chinos, shorts and more - it's certainly one of the most versatile clothing items around. You don't need to go expensive either, especially if you're prone to spillages. This Gap number will see you right.


Two piece suit

A navy blue two-piece suit can be worn formally or to smarten your look when you're out at a bar with friends. Other colours are available, but navy is the winner when it comes to wearing it for different occasions and looking great. Sacoor Brothers is the destination for the one above.


Denim shirt

One of the more leftfield items on the list, but hear us out. They're perfect for travelling because they go with everything, they’re hardy, and they can double up as a light jacket when worn with a t-shirt underneath. A Polo Ralph Lauren like this is what you need.


Chelsea boot

Oxford boots are worthy of splashing out on. You don't quite have to break the bank for these tobacco Berluti boots, but you want soft leather ones that will stand the test of time AND remain comfortable. They work with jeans, suit trousers or chinos too.


White sneakers

When summer rolls around, the white sneakers come out from the wardrobe. They can instantly make any formal outfit more casual and have even become the go-to footwear for Silicon Valley's high flyers. A pair of Adidas Stan Smiths will do the trick.


Black Oxford shoe

More footwear, but these mean business. What we love about Oxford shoes is that they can complete a power suit or lift an outfit for a date night with ease. The ones above? They're Church's black Dubai leather shoes.


White shirt

There's a simplistic pleasure about a white fitted shirt. It's ideal for those last minute formal party invites or smartening up for a family gathering. You don't need to fear what trousers you wear with it either. We rather like this Mr P. version up top.


Dark blue jeans

Timeless. Iconic. Essential. Dark blue denim jeans have been the staple of a man's clothing collection for centuries. And heading into 2020, this isn't going to change. Pop these on and then style around for any type of scenario - within reason, obviously. Nudie Jeans (above) are available from Mr Porter.


Polo shirt

You've probably already got a polo shirt. But more than likely, you've picked up a very safe white, grey or black number. While there's nothing wrong with this, big and build block colours are the way to go. Either poolside or by the bar, a colourful polo shirt like this Lacoste one, will make you stand out.



Other chino colours are available, but there's something irresistible about a khaki coloured pair. Again, they can be paired with sneakers or shoes, smart shirt or tee. Fit is essential too. Go too baggy and they look odd, so try before you buy. Original Penguin are home to some of the best off-the-rack cuts.

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